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At Dog Home Foundation, we are dedicated to providing a lifeline for ill, injured, and accidental animals in need. Our organization specializes in rescuing, treating, and sheltering these vulnerable animals, giving them a second chance at a happy and healthy life.

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Donate Us To Buy Medicines For Injured Dogs

Dog Home Foundation is a beacon of hope for stray and injured dogs, providing a safe haven for over 500 dogs at our shelter.

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A Safe Home To 1000+ Cows, DHF Needs Your Help To Give Them A Better Life

The Dog Home Foundation (DHF) stands as a beacon of hope and compassion for cows who

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Help Us Save Horses Of Kedarnath Yastra (Animal Abuse)

The sacred Char Dham Yatra, a revered pilgrimage undertaken by devotees across India

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Hundreds Of Camels Are Suffering In Silence, Donate To Help Them Survive

In a nation where camels often symbolize tradition, resilience, and the harsh beauty of the desert,

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Help, Donate & Fundraise
Your donation will help us to provide Medical Services, Rescue, and Permanent Shelter to the voiceless so they can receive the love and medical attention they require.
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We urgently appeal to your compassion and generosity to help us provide a lifeline for accidental stray dogs. With your donation, we can offer vital medical care, nourishment, and shelter to these vulnerable creatures. Every contribution, no matter the amount, makes a significant impact on their lives. Your kindness can alleviate their suffering and give them a chance at a brighter future. Please donate today and join us in our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome these innocent beings. Together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of accidental stray dogs and restore their hope and happiness.

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We urgently seek your support to aid accidental stray cows in dire need. These gentle creatures, abandoned or left to wander aimlessly, face immense hardship without shelter, sustenance, or medical attention. Your donation can provide critical care, nutritious food, and safe shelters to these vulnerable cows, offering them a chance at a dignified life. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a significant impact on their well-being. With your compassion and generosity, we can alleviate their suffering and create a compassionate society that values all living beings. Please donate today to make a difference in the lives of these innocent stray cows.

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We urgently appeal to your kindness to support our efforts in assisting accidental stray camels. These majestic animals, abandoned or lost, endure immense hardship without food, water, or medical care. Your donation can provide vital aid, including nourishment, veterinary care, and safe enclosures for these vulnerable creatures. Every contribution, regardless of size, will have a significant impact on their well-being and chances of survival. By extending your generosity today, you can bring hope and relief to these forgotten camels, ensuring they receive the care and compassion they deserve. Please donate now to make a lasting difference in the lives of these innocent stray camels.

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Success Stories

Our hurt to healed stories

How Sanju was sentenced to death until hanging?

In a village near Jodhpur, where tractors have replaced traditional farming methods, a heartbreaking story unfolded. Sanju, a once proud and hardworking bull, became the unluckiest of all bulls.

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How a thirsty cow became an acid victim

In the scorching heat of Rajasthan, where the sun beats down mercilessly, even the hardiest of souls seek respite. But for one gentle cow, seeking a drink of water proved to be a journey of unimaginable pain and suffering.

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When a baby camel saw her mother leave him alone.

While a baby camel was learning to survive with his mother in the selfish world of ours, a tragedy struck one fateful day. A car accident left the mother-son duo stranded, abandoned, and fighting for their lives.

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Story of Kansa, the bull whose horns became his enemy

In a nation where cows are revered as mothers, their male counterparts often face neglect and indifference

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Celebrity Acknowledgement

Celebrity Acknowledgement Towards Dog Home Foundation | John Abraham | Rannvijay Singha

“We are acknowledged by well-known celebrities such as John Abraham, Armaan Malik, Shirley Setia, Amaal Malik, Vidhya Malvade, Shreyash Iyer, Jubin Nautiyal, Dhwani Bhanushali, Nikki Tamboli, and Ankita Lokhande, Sachin Gupta Etc. whose words help us reach a wider audience and connect for the welfare of animals.

We deeply respect their words and emotions towards furry tails.”


What do people praise about our Foundation?
Nagma Sheikh

I am very warm-heartedly thank full as well as appreciative for all those persistent efforts that your Dog home foundation team is actually making in the very direction of protecting those very diseased /needy animals wandering freely in the streets. The constant hard work of your animal aid organization is not ordinary to find. Proud to have this team in jodhpur. GOOD JOB team DogHomeFoundation 👏

Anjali Rathore

Dog home foundation has helped us during a hard time. I took my 3 months old puppy to DHF who wasn't eating anything, she was continuously vomiting. They also sent a compounder daily to give her drip and medicines. I absolutely recommend contacting them I anyone wants any sort of help in the treatment of stray dogs or any other stray animal.

Arshpreet Kaur

A very noble cause and always reliable. No matter where and what the condition, the staff reaches at the earliest. God bless the foundation. We, at our house take care of more than 8 street babies and dog home foundation has always taken care of any health or injury related problems. Amazing cause and even better work ethic. Wonderful.

Aastha Ramawat

How they take care of the animals is incredibly rewarding... I visited here and admitted a stray dog and really loved the kind of treatment and care they're providing to them... It's really a good step in our society which is rarely seen .. Kudos!


Extremely helpful and reliable. Really appreciate the work they are doing. A street puppy came under a car and got hurt on his leg, Dog Home Foundation responded immediately after my request and sent a guy for his treatment. Puppy is fine now and getting better. Thanks for saving his life. Means a lot! Keep up the good work. Thanks

Devangana Kumari

The only genuine NGO in Jodhpur . They are extremely prompt and don’t just deal with dogs but also cows . I’ve approached them several times but was truly impressed the last time I did so as I called them at 12:00 am very unsure if I’d get a reply but to my surprise they were still available and treated the cow with great care .Thank you so much for your service 🙏🏻❤️

Aaiman Sodagar

We need more shelter home like this in other states of India as well to help these beautiful voiceless souls and give them a place where they can feel safe. Also help them in case of emergency medical treatment. A Big Thanks for doing such a great work. Please keep it up👍.

Pravin Suthar

Dog Home Foundation is a inspiration for young generation , so that they will not do such cruelty against the animals and also this foundation is changing the mindset of the society against the street dogs etc.. By saving the life of dogs ,this foundation is saving humanity.. Your videos makes all of us so much emotional 💗.. Thanks for loving , caring , adopting and again repeating same for all the animals

Jai Ojha

I bow down to these guys 🙏🏼 I don’t have words to praise them.. they have treated more than 15000 stray animals with very pure intentions … they’ve put their heart into it …today I saw a wounded dog in my street n I was saddened & helpless to see his condition… I called the Dog home foundation…they promptly responded & came with ambulance to rescue the dog .. I couldn’t thank them enough.. what an amazing way to keep the humanity alive … guys plz support them.. donate them .. n help them spread the word !!! More power to the DHF team 🙏🏼❤️

Himanshu Deora

This place is just Heaven for Stray Animals...... 🎉 Really the whole DHF team is putting so hard day and night efforts in giving a better life to animals. The staff is very experienced and supportive❤️..... They a saving many life daily.... Really i Wanna Thank the whole Team for their Dedication 💥💥