Dog Home Foundation takes pride in providing free-of-cost rescue services for ill, injured, accidental, wounded, and stuck animals. Our dedicated team understands the urgency and critical nature of such situations and strives to offer immediate assistance and transportation to ensure the animals receive the care they need.

When we receive a distress call about an animal in need, our specially equipped rescue ambulances are dispatched promptly. These vehicles are equipped with the necessary tools and supplies to handle various emergency situations. Our trained rescue personnel, including veterinarians and paramedics, are on board to provide immediate medical attention and stabilization.

Whether it's an animal involved in a road accident, trapped in a hazardous situation, suffering from severe injuries, or in any other critical condition, our rescue team acts swiftly to reach the location. With utmost care and compassion, we assess the situation and employ appropriate techniques to safely rescue and handle the animal.

Once the animal is safely secured, we provide initial medical aid on the spot to stabilize their condition. Our team is experienced in handling various injuries and trauma, ensuring that the animal's pain is managed, bleeding is controlled, and any necessary first aid measures are taken. We understand the importance of immediate intervention to increase the chances of successful recovery.


Following the initial assessment and stabilization, we transport the animal to our shelter or a veterinary facility, depending on their medical needs. Our rescue ambulances are equipped with facilities to provide a comfortable and safe environment during transportation, ensuring the animal's well-being throughout the journey.

At Dog Home Foundation, we strongly believe that financial constraints should not hinder an animal's access to critical care. That's why we offer these rescue services completely free of cost. We rely on the support and generosity of our donors, sponsors, and volunteers to fund these operations and ensure that every ill, injured, accidental, wounded, or stuck animal receives the necessary help without delay.

By providing free-of-cost rescue services, we aim to remove any barriers that might prevent animals from receiving the life-saving care they need. We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of these animals and promoting a compassionate society where their well-being is valued and protected.

If you come across an ill, injured, accidental, wounded, or stuck animal in need of immediate assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to Dog Home Foundation. Our rescue team is ready to spring into action, ensuring that the animal receives the necessary help and a chance at a better life.