Frustrated with Bhiku’s barking, a man ran over the dog with his car.

While people in our country enjoy debates where humans turn into animals while conversing on the topic of religion, they, however, feel their peace threatened with an animal’s voice echoing around them.

An unfortunate incident occurred with Bhiku. Frustrated with his barking, a man used his car to run over the beautiful dog. This brutal attack shattered his jaw in two and left Bhiku with no upper jaw. His jaw, slowly, turned into a breeding ground for maggots worsening his condition.

After our doctors diagnosed him at our shelter, we received a distressing news. Bhiku’s face will never be able to develop hard skin and that for his entire life, he would have to rely on a liquid diet.

While we welcomed a new permanent member into our family, a question still persists: Is it so easy to harm and kill an animal?