Imagine the feelings of a person who, when trying to sleep, is constantly woken by individuals intending to harm them. When they're hungry, their only option for food is garbage or leftovers, and they have no safe place to seek shelter from rain or extreme heat. Wouldn’t that be the unluckiest person on earth?

Sadly, this scenario is the everyday reality for every dog living on the streets.

One such case happened with a stray dog. A car hit the street dog so badly that it left him with just two front legs to walk with since both of His rear legs were paralysed. 

When our doctors diagnosed him, his recovery seemed to be very difficult but our team didn't accept his fate. They started treating him with physiotherapy, UV light & medicines but nothing seemed to work. 

It took us no less than 2 months to make the dog walk on all four of his legs. While it was a victory for us, our team didn't seem happy. It was because they knew that all their attempts would go in vain when they would leave him on the streets but in the long run, it's not our business to think of profit or losses, it's our duty to help those who can't help themselves. 

By the way, if you know that speeding your car may lead to death, would you still drive hastily?

And if you would and someone dies, is it your mistake or a murder?