Usually, people avoid stopping their cars after hitting an animal to steer clear of legal trouble. But there was a not-so-obvious incident near our shelter.

A cow lover had accidentally hit one pretty badly, making it unable to walk and causing a big tear in its back with a lot of bleeding. The cow urgently needed hospital care to avoid dying from blood loss and so, the person quickly took the injured cow to our shelter, where our doctors started treating it.

After her diagnosis, our doctors found a broken leg, various injuries on her body, and a big wound on her back. While the wound would likely take 2 weeks to heal, the broken bone would require a lot of effort both ours as well as the injured animal's. With a month of consistent help and treatment, the cow started walking again, and all its wounds healed up. 

In the end, it highlights how someone being aware of the situation saved the cow's life. Accidents can be mistakes, but leaving a suffering creature on the road goes beyond a simple oversight. The article argues that such an act isn't just a random mistake, emphasizing the importance of awareness in preventing tragic outcomes and ultimately saving a life.