While tying a rope around a cattle’s neck is a common practice in our country, many are unaware of its deadly consequences, be it on a neck or the cattle’s head.

One such incident happened when a cattle owner abandoned its cow with a rope tied around the cow’s head, ignoring the fact that with time the cow grows bigger and not the rope.

When we got to know about the cow’s condition and its whereabouts, it seemed a little difficult since she was notorious for being aggressive, and her location was on a 10-acre land.

Her rescue turned into a nightmare when, after an hour's attempt, we had only one dart left. After three failed attempts to shoot a dart and wasting two darts, this was our last chance.

The question now was whether luck would be on our side. When our rescuers pulled the trigger, it was a perfect shot. As soon as the dart started showing its effect, our team slowly approached the cow, and her journey of pain ended in our shelter. Here, our team of doctors treated her well, and in a month, she was released near her home, the infamous street.