In a busy city facing its own challenges, a distant cry caught the attention of a kind soul. The plea for help came from under a pile of garbage, and someone with a big heart rushed to see what was wrong.

They found Nano, a fragile dog with one eye, surviving a tough life amidst the city's waste. Quickly, Nano was taken to our hospital, where a team of caring doctors faced the difficult situation.

Nano's eye was in bad shape, and the chances of saving it were uncertain. As they prepared for Nano's surgery, we reached out to the person who rescued him.

Nano's rescuer shared a sad story. In an attempt to escape the cold, Nano had taken refuge under a car. Unfortunately, the driver didn't notice him and accidentally hurt Nano, causing his eye to pop out.

Despite the darkness, a glimmer of hope appeared. The doctors decided Nano didn't need surgery, and with time, he would recover his sight.

Now, after three weeks, Nano is ready to go home. But before he leaves, he has a message for you. In the harsh winter, many dogs like Nano seek warmth under parked cars. Nano asks you to check under your car before starting it, as another little heart might be hiding there, hoping for warmth and safety.

Nano's story isn't just about survival; it reminds us that kindness can heal, and a simple act of care can make a big difference, especially in the cold winter. As we say goodbye to Nano, let's keep his message in our hearts—a reminder to be kind and bring warmth to those in need.