Although milk-giving cows are considered a valuable asset to their owners, their status can quickly turn into a burden when they are involved in accidents. Owners often abandon them on the streets, fully aware that their cows are insured and that they can easily acquire another cow to exploit for milk. But who are we to blame the Dairy industry, for we are responsible for the demand for milk that they are fulfilling. 

And so, when Gulabo was injured after falling on the sharp end of a rock, she was left to die on the streets alongside her newborn calf. Her owner deemed her worthless since one of her veins had burst open causing her blood to mix with the milk in her udder.

Upon our rescue mission for Gulabo, her calf had already perished, and she was in critical condition. We provided two weeks of treatment, witnessing her remarkable recovery but the loss of her child was clearly visible in her eyes. Despite having milk to offer, she had no calf to nourish, so, she adopted 2 calves that were recently orphaned.

In the end, those calves got a mother’s love while a mother got 2 babies for one.