While movies like Chhapaak have successfully cultivated empathy among humans for acid attack victims, we, as humans, have remained in the dark when it comes to sympathizing with animals.

For an act that is unknown to us, an individual threw a chemical on Jojo causing terrible burns all over his body. This attack shattered his trust in humans and drove him to a state of fury, leading to aggressive behavior whenever he encountered them. Some of our rescuers too faced the consequences of these attacks. Luckily, we somehow managed to get the bull to our shelter amidst all the difficulties and we'll always be grateful to our rescue team for being so brave and loving. 

Since that day, Our medical team has been working tirelessly to alleviate the pain of this bull and provide the necessary treatment. In this process, our doctors have also been hit and kicked by the bull, quite a few times. 

After all the efforts put in by our doctors, today, nearly one and a half months later, the fresh skin of the bull is regenerating and we're expecting a speedy recovery. Thanks to our team’s efforts, the bull has started harboring a little less hate towards humans.

 We have always witnessed animals showing love, forgetting all about the past and focusing on what good has been done to them. But what about the fellow humans? How would they ever learn? How would they ever hear the voices of the voiceless? Would they ever learn to sympathize with those whom they cannot hear? Ever?