While the armed forces are protecting our nation's security from external influences, some individuals have been making us vulnerable from within. This story is about a dog who survived a deadly attack in a country that takes pride in calling itself a country of Buddha, non-violence, and peace. 

This is Dholu's story of survival, his tale of emerging alive from an attack that was disturbingly easy to execute and escape from, a situation that challenges our nation's commitment to the right to life.

Dholu being a living being, had once pooped outside a family’s home and so, in disgust, the head of the family prepared a wire trap with a cycle’s clutch wire, a weapon of murder that is easily available in the market.   

They once found him indulged in his daily rituals, and tied a wire trap in his neck, that slowly started to tighten. Over time it started to pierce his neck and in a month, made a deep wound.

When we learned about Dholu, he had already lost a significant amount of blood and was in such agony that he lacked the energy to cry out for help. Those around him desperately sought to alleviate his suffering and attempted to cut the wire trap, but their efforts were in vain. It took us an hour to finally free him without causing further misery.

After a month and a half of recovery, when he was ready for adoption, no one stepped forward to become his family. And so, we had no choice but to release him where he came from, the streets.