In a nation where cows are revered as mothers, their male counterparts often face neglect and indifference. But along with this backdrop of societal indifference, a bull’s life got even more miserable when his horns became his own physical enemy.

Kansa’s story begins at the Dog Home Foundation, where he arrived with horns so long that they began to inflict pain upon his face. Curved and piercing his cheeks, these once-majestic symbols of strength had become a source of torment for our hero.

The doctors, armed with compassion and expertise, embarked on the daunting task of cutting his horns. Yet, the bull's instinctive fear and pain drove him to lash out, attacking one of the very individuals attempting to alleviate his suffering. It was a moment of chaos and desperation, but the doctors remained steadfast in their mission to ease the bull's pain.

As the wounds on his cheeks began to heal, the bull was returned to the streets where he had once roamed. But fate had other plans in store for him. The next time he was rescued, a sinister enemy emerged – horn cancer had taken hold of his right horn, threatening his very existence.

The doctors faced a grim decision: to save the bull's life, they had to remove his horn. It was a risky procedure, fraught with uncertainty and danger. Yet, they forged ahead with determination, knowing that this battle against his own body was one that could not be lost.

After a month of anxious waiting, the stitches were removed, and the wounds had healed. The bull emerged from this ordeal scarred but stronger, ready to face the world once again. His horns may have been his physical enemy, but his spirit remained unbroken.