Despite being honored and considered a “mother”, cows are only visible to some Indians when they must be fed to satisfy their ancestors; otherwise, they remain invisible, along with their hunger and illnesses.

One particular cow found her way to our shelter, covered in warts and afflicted by an infection known as Papillomavirus.  Upon her arrival, the doctors tried treating Moo with antibiotics, but those warts were a tough challenge. Blood would occasionally gush out from those warts, provoking Moo to attack.

Amidst all this, our veterinarian remembered an uncommon technique. He collected Moo's warts, dried and ground them, and then mixed them with another chemical before injecting them back into Moo. 

This remarkable procedure successfully eliminated all of her warts within a week, ultimately saving her life. Although this issue may resurface, her chances of survival now hinge on those who cherish these animals for what they are, rather than solely as mothers. For if these mothers are allowed to perish in such a manner, it is better to regard them as mere animals.