"While people in India are getting “woke” day by day, there are still some who continue to live in ignorance. This is the story of Romeo, a dog who, despite his grave condition, went unnoticed by many.

His story began with a lump on his shoulder. However, after days of surgeries, just when everything seemed to be going well, the lady luck turned her face away as she had something else in store for this brave dog...

Let's start from the beginning. The Dog Home Foundation (DHF) met Romeo after we received a rescue call from someone who couldn't ignore Romeo's cry for help. Our vet, in a diagnosis, discovered that Romeo was battling a menacing tumor. From that moment onwards, we dedicated ourselves tirelessly to his well-being.

Countless stitches and surgeries followed, and as Romeo was getting closer to being back as a stray, he began scratching his wound, causing his stitches to open. It's been a week since that mishap, but we are confident that in another week, he will be fine and back on the streets where destiny awaits him."