Goats are born to be slaughtered. From Pujas to food fests, goat's slaughter is widely spread in India. They are among the livestock animals, commonly raised for meat production. Ironical to the situation where 90% of the goats are slaughtered by humans, there exists a species of immortal goats. These goats are believed to have been blessed by gods for their immortality.

It's nearly impossible to slaughter such a goat because it's believed to be a divine creation, blessed with an immortal life by God. However, ironically, this immortality can sometimes bring more suffering than death. When these immortal beings are no longer useful to humans, they are often abandoned without shelter or sustenance. 

Baali, one such immortal goat, faced an accident, but a few kind individuals rescued and brought him to our shelter, the Dog Home Foundation. He survived and from now on, this will be Baali's forever home. A forever home comes with the blessings of love and affection which we believe all animals deserve. Surprisingly, our Ngo never had been a foster home to a goat.

Even with the heart-wrenching slaughter stories, there are some kind individuals who stand by us and help us join the puzzle pieces to a healthy animal home. Such individuals will continue to be our ray of home and together, we can save more animals like Baali, granting them the sanctuary, love and care, they deserve.