Have you ever seen a camel scream? 

Believe us, there’s nothing more traumatic than witnessing a camel scream in pain. 

Despite being an animal shelter for around three years and helping heal 100s of camels till now, we haven’t had such a scenario.      

This happened when Gauri arrived at the Dog Home Foundation, a week ago. Gauri had been left to die after a truck hit her in an accident. One of her legs was broken in half, was dangling in mid-air and was connected through a part of her skin. But even after all this, she wasn’t ready to believe she wouldn’t be able to stand and walk as before. She continuously tried to stand and run but failed. 

Sitting around her, were some of the camels who were patiently watching her struggle. After watching her cry, they came to comfort her and what painkillers couldn’t do was surprisingly accomplished by them. Slowly, she started to calm down and we did her dressing. 

The next day, we amputated her leg and today, after a week, Gauri, the three-legged camel, is our permanent resident. She will spend the rest of her life in our shelter knowing that she will get all the care, love, and roof that she deserves.