While cows in India are born with the tag of “holiness”, bulls, often considered a by-product of the dairy industry, are tragically left to die on our country's streets, which are home to more than 5 million cattle. This story revolves around one such bull who fell victim not only to our society's obsession with milk but also to a mistake made by us, the Dog Home Foundation.

This bull had a massive wound on one of its horns, prompting us to take action and bring him to our shelter. However, Mallya Sahab, as the bull was infamous for, proved to be extremely aggressive and quick, managing to escape not once but twice.

When we finally located him for the third time, it became imperative for us to secure him as he was severely injured. During our previous attempt, we had managed to secure a rope around his horns, but regrettably, it had caused a wound near his eye. This time, as we attempted to free him from those ropes, one of our rescuers suffered a severe injury. 

Despite these setbacks, our dedicated team did not lose their confidence. We were determined to assist him, and after numerous failed attempts, we successfully brought him back to the Dog Home Foundation.

At our shelter, we diligently cared for his horn and treated his wounds. We provided him with the extra attention he needed and exhibited patience in our interactions with him. Today, after three weeks of healing, Mallya Sahab is fully prepared to be released.

However, as we prepared to bid him farewell, we came to a profound realization: Mallya Sahab’s story had taught us a valuable lesson to us. It's not enough to have a pure heart or good intentions when striving to perform a kind act. Commitment, patience, and a focused mindset are equally essential components for successfully carrying out such deeds.