While every human whether destitute or of a different religion, has the privilege of having free meals in gurudwaras or temples, the voiceless creatures still depend on the mercy of animal lovers who cherish them as lovely and not tasty. 

Heer, a stray cat when rescued by our team was malnourished and hungry to the point that she couldn’t even walk straight without stumbling every few seconds.

It took a week for Heer to be normal again but in our line of work normalcy means back to the streets and so, it was time for Heer to be a stray again. However, our team had some questions in their mind: Would Heer be able to survive on her own? Would they be able to see her again alive or this was the last time they would see her?

This dilemma, which was more like a nightmare, soon became a reality when they released her back to where they found her. They had no intention of leaving her alone when they suddenly saw a girl looking at them from a distance. Soon the girl started to come near them and instead of talking to the team, she started caressing the little baby, our lovely Heer.

While we were delighted with her affection, we still were in doubt. What is Heer’s future?

Suddenly the girl asked a question, “Can I adopt her?”

Can an ending be any happier:)