While tractors took away their job making their existence pointless to humans, there are still some who feed the bulls without seeking their own profit. However, a recent case was uncovered where despite the sincere desire to feed the bull, people had to witness his gradual weakening due to malnutrition. 

Actually, a can of ghee was stuck in the lower jaw of a bull making it impossible for the bull to take it out or eat. When a week passed and no help arrived, the bull took the matter into his own hands. 

He, in desperation, tried to take the can out but, in doing so, pushed the can even further. This hurt his jaw and blood started to pour out. This caught the attention of people, and eventually, to our notice. 

Upon our arrival at the scene, it was dark and the bull was in a mood to protest. He refused to calm down and so, it was challenging for us to shoot a dart to stabilise him. At that moment neither could we abandon the thought of helping him nor could we shoot the dart because if the dart failed to hit its spot, it could paralyse the bull. 

We took our time, waited for the bull to slow down, and pulled the trigger. The dart landed on the rear side of the bull leading him to surrender. 

The rest of the rescue just took a minute of our time. Our team pulled out the can of ghee and applied ointment on his jaw so that maggots wouldn’t make his injury worse. 

It’s not that we force the idea of everybody going out of their way to help animals, it’s just that if you can’t become a part of a solution, just don’t be a part of the problem which in this case means safely disposing of your garbage.