This story is about Ganga, an animal that was once considered a mother by Indians at heart, but nowadays, merely in words.

She, one faithful day found herself caught in an unfortunate accident. Her injuries were severe, leaving her unable to stand, and her rear leg broken. But amidst the pain and chaos, a new life had begun. Ganga had recently given birth to Badri, her precious calf.

As the news of Ganga's plight reached us, The Dog Home Foundation, we wasted no time in rushing to her aid. With tender care and skilled hands, we gently transported Ganga to our shelter, where she could receive the medical attention she so desperately needed.

However, Ganga's injuries meant that she couldn't stand properly and milk her beloved Badri. A mother's milk, vital for a calf's early days, was out of reach. But fate had a heartwarming surprise in store.

At the shelter, another cow, Lila, had recently given birth to a calf of her own. Sensing the need for nourishment and love, the kind souls at The Dog Home Foundation had an idea. They brought Badri to Lila, hoping that a mother's instinct would bridge the gap between them.

And as if guided by an unseen force of compassion, something beautiful unfolded before their eyes. Lila, sensing Badri's need, welcomed him with open arms... well, udders, to be precise. Badri, though initially hesitant, soon found solace in his surrogate mother's milk. And Ganga, watching from afar, felt a surge of gratitude and relief wash over her.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months. Badri thrived under Lila's care, growing strong and healthy with each passing day. And as for Ganga, despite her injuries, her heart swelled with joy knowing that her calf was in good hands.

The bond between Ganga, Badri, and Lila grew stronger with each shared moment. They became a testament to the power of love and resilience, proving that a mother's love knows no boundaries, transcending species and circumstances alike.