It was a day like any other when we received an urgent call at the Dog Home Foundation about an injured cow. Nidhi, A cow had been found with her mouth bleeding profusely. Upon arrival, what we saw was almost too painful to bear. The cow, her eyes wide with fear and confusion, had ingested shards of glass that had been recklessly thrown into a dustbin. Her tongue was gruesomely cut in half, and blood dripped steadily from her mouth, painting a horrifying picture of her ordeal.

In Indian culture, broken glass is often considered a bad omen. However, in this case, it was more than just an omen—it was deadly.  The shards had caused severe injuries, and the cow’s agony was palpable. Each attempt to eat only brought back the excruciating pain, making her fear the very sustenance she needed to survive.

Our team, alongside dedicated veterinarians, worked tirelessly to tend to her wounds. The first few days were the hardest, as we watched her struggle. Her once gentle eyes now reflected a deep-seated fear and mistrust.

Every day was a battle. Despite our best efforts and two weeks of intensive care, the physical wounds began to heal, but the psychological scars remained. The trauma had taken a toll on Nidhi’s spirit. She refused to eat, associating every morsel with the sharp pain of the glass shards. Her survival now hung by a thread, sustained only by medications and our unwavering hope.

This heart-wrenching story is not just about Nidhi; it is a call to all of us. Our actions, however small, can have far-reaching consequences. A simple act of improperly disposing of glass waste led to a nearly fatal injury for an innocent creature.

Let us be the change we wish to see in the world. We urge everyone to take responsibility. Properly disposing of glass and other sharp objects is not just an act of kindness but a crucial step in preventing such tragedies. Wrap glass items securely and ensure they are disposed of in designated areas where they cannot cause harm to animals or humans.