In the bustling city of Jodhpur, where hurried footsteps overpower the whimpers of the needy, the Dog Home Foundation (DHF) unfolds a new change. DHF aims to show extra care and affection to those ignored creatures who roam around the street with hopeful eyes. These are not the fortunate pedigree-eaters of the city nor the pampered pets of high-end families. These are the neglected ones, the discarded, and the overlooked ones. These stray dogs have found a new path to win against all the challenges. This path is our team of DHF.

At present, DHF has saved multiple strays from unimaginable fate. We shelter more than 5,000 such survivors who have been provided a second chance by this world. One such survivor is our very own, Buddy.

Buddy is a natural fighter. And this trait of his had almost cost him his life. Being very territorial, Buddy got into an intense fight with other stray dogs. This resulted in a lot of wounds and bleeding. Buddy was severely injured. While trying to empower the other dog, Buddy got bitten which tore his skin apart and left behind a tiny larva. The larva was beginning to grow rapidly; feeding on his flesh. This growing larva made his spirit dampen. His health was deteriorating and he was turning lethargic. Soon the larva metamorphosed into a swarm of maggots.

Thanks to the attentive passersby, our team was able to rescue him before he could succumb to death. Seeing him in such a critical condition, we had lost hope of treating him completely. The sight of writhing maggots almost churned our stomachs. But little did we know, beneath this wounded and scruffy coat, lay his heart of resilience. With a determination to help him, our workers began his operation on an immediate basis.

Since he is covered in maggots, his recovery is very time-consuming. Half of his face is eaten by the maggots. They secrete such an enzyme which eats up the healthy skin tissues. If maggots are left untreated, it will result in further issues. For example, they might enter the dog’s body.

The treatment of Buddy is handled by our professional experts, with extreme care. Our first step of operation was to clean the infected part and extract the maggots. Since his temperament was already aggressive, the constant itching and touches made him very hostile towards our team. For our safety and for his cooperation, we had to put a cage on his mouth. Sometimes, he would be in so much pain that we were forced to use anesthesia. The operation takes place every day to carefully remove the maggots and heal the wounds.

The infestation is severe, it will take us two months to completely improve his health. We have to repeat the process until every maggot, larva and egg are removed. The damaged skin tissue is being removed to ensure proper healing. Buddy is also provided with oral antibiotics, antifungals and fluids.

This rescue process is surely agonizing and time taking but Buddy’s strength is gradually returning. His body is given a chance to recover on its own time. While Buddy used to be very aggressive towards our workers in the beginning, he is trying to trust us now. He does not bark or try to pull away from us in defense. The bond between our vets and Buddy is eventually deepening with every interaction. His transformation to a healthy dog would not just be physical but it would be also a rebirth of trust and hope.

In the end, this story of Buddy is not just a rescue operation but it also acts as a reminder of the unsaid kindness and love that lies between humans and dogs. There are multiple strays out there who become prey to the unfortunate fate. But there are also multiple humans who are willing to help them. To save them. And to make these strays believe in humanity. Be a change. Be kind to those who can’t even stand for themselves.