While animals can’t speak up for themselves, there have been countless incidents where their cry for help was clearly visible but as selfish as we humans are, it went unheard.

One such incident occurred when our team was on a rescue mission. They were done catching a cow and were about to head toward our shelter when they, on the front porch of a home, came across a monkey, an animal whose eyes were doing enough talking. Rahul, one of our team members approached the owner of that house, and Suraj, our rescuer went near Rubina, the monkey.
We got to know that in order to scare her away, a homeowner had shot a pellet at her. This pellet, although wasn’t lethal enough to kill her, gave her a wound which when wasn’t healed for months became a cause for her suffering. When Suraj asked her about the wound, she quickly pointed at her back with teary eyes. Our team quickly became conscious of the situation and called the wildlife department since monkeys are now considered protected wild animals and not vermins as before.
We Hope Rubina will be getting the treatment she deserves and she won’t have to cry for help in front of people like us to understand her tragedy.