From abandoned animals to animal cruelty, Our NGO has received all kinds of cases. On one hand, we take pride in helping the animals in need but on the other,  we also feel ashamed of coming from the species who are at fault for animal cruelty. Our team has dedicated itself to the healing and treatment of injured and attacked animals but not every story is of hope and improvement. Some stories have bitter endings. Some stories teach a lesson. But we at DHF believe that every story is worth telling. 

This story is about a dog who found himself at the mercy of fate. His initial life might not be so heart-wrenching. He might be living a normal life just like other stray dogs. Feeding himself from the streets, looking at humans for gentle touches, craving for love and a little sympathy. It took him just one incident that turned his life upside down. 

Pluto, the stray dog was reportedly injured when we first met him. Someone had attacked him for reasons that are unknown. Even after being scarred by an unknown human- both physically and mentally, Pluto had let us help him. He believed in second chances. And he believed in getting better. 

But what he didn’t know was the fact that the attack had triggered him psychologically as well. We thought that after the treatment and the medical aid, Pluto would be healthy and go back to the streets. But after a few days, we noticed some abnormalities. Pluto would randomly collapse. He would become unsteady. His state of confusion and the panic in his eyes made us realize that he was having fits. Pluto would become anxious, tremble and salivate in situations like this. 

While initially there was a sense of victory amongst us that we made Pluto recover, it was replaced by a terrible heartache. The medicines will take time to control the seizures. For now, we can only sympathize with him. Sometimes, it feels like he is being punished for something he did not do. Even though seizures might not cause pain in dogs, but there are chances that it can cause damage to them. 

While looking over Pluto, we only imagine that one moment which caused all this- the day of attack.

We wonder what goes in the minds of humans who do things like these. Do they don’t have emotions? What sadistic pleasure do they receive from these attacks? And lastly, why only animals?

We teach our children to be kind. To respect everyone. To believe in equality. Yet in reality, cases like Pluto, are giving them a wrong impression. They will start thinking that animal cruelty is acceptable meanwhile their moral science lessons of treating every living being with compassion will go in vain. 

As humans, we are a little hypocrites, aren’t we?