Dog Home Foundation receives many cases of injured stray dogs. Many of these injuries are caused by humans themselves. Be it a car accident or harming these innocent animals just for fun. One such case is of our recently rescued dog- Brownie.

When Brownie was adopted by our shelter, he was almost at the stage of dying. Someone had brutally attacked him with acid. As a result, his back and stomach were severely damaged. It was a shock for us to see him still breathing even in such a critical condition. He wanted to live. He wanted to roam the streets like he used to. He wanted a second chance. So, our team did our best to make his efforts worth it.

Being hurt by humans before, Brownie did not trust us easily. He was scared that we will attack him or punish him for some reason. But our workers and doctors were very patient with him. We played with him, gave him head pats, and allowed him to come near us when he was ready. We gave him time and effort to break down his walls and start trusting people again. Watching us try to make him feel loved, Brownie finally allowed us to begin his treatment.

Along with his operation, feeding him medicines was a big task. However, after a few failed attempts and his spitting out his medicines, Brownie finally got accustomed to eating medicines.

When he finally became active again, he befriended other dogs in the shelter. He would run around with them, playfully bite them and sleep with them after getting tired. On other days, Brownie would run away with workers’ shoes, tug on their pants to get head pats and play fetch with them.

Brownie’s condition has improved drastically. His wounds have also healed, as well as his heart. He has begun trusting humans, once again. After a few months of spending time with Brownie, it’s now time to part ways with him. Today he is getting released from the shelter and going back to his place. We are praying for his healthy and safe future. Maybe someone will adopt this stray baby. Or maybe someone will keep feeding him daily and little Brownie will find a home in that human.

As a rescue dog shelter, it really pains us to see how inhumane people behave with animals. Hurting them or torturing them just for our entertainment only makes us equivalent to monsters. It is important to raise awareness about the safety of stray dogs. NGOs generally talk about “Adopt, don’t shop”. But we understand how it is not possible for everyone to adopt a stray or even an abandoned dog. But we believe, if you can’t adopt these strays, then you can at least NOT hurt them. 

Strays don’t ask for much, do they?