Dog Home Foundation has been rescuing animals for a while now. We have treated every animal from dog to a giant camel. We have noticed the pain, hurt and sorrows of animals who are injured or abandoned like a mere commodity. Often a time the culprit behind these cases are the humans. Some of us take sadistic pleasure in hurting animals. Some of us don’t care that animals are living beings too. They too deserve equal kindness and respect.

When we received a rescue case about a camel, we didn’t expect a baby camel to be the victim of such a terrible fate. Apparently, her leg was terribly injured. As a result, she couldn’t even walk. We wonder how people ignored her when she was lying in pain by the roadside. We gently approached her as we could possibly trigger her.

Once assured that our presence did not provoke or anger her, we placed her on the stretcher. The camel cooperated with us in the whole journey to the shelter.  As we were preparing her for the operation theatre, her laboured breaths echoed the trauma that she had endured. Seeing her immobile leg, we concluded that drastic measures were needed to ease her suffering. While doing the medical process, one of our rescuers came up with a name- Gauri. The name was very random to us, just like her entrance is the family of our shelter.

After days of delicate procedures and round-the-clock care, it became evident that Gauri's injured leg couldn't be salvaged. It was an agonizing decision, but to give our dear Gauri a chance at a pain-free life, we had to amputate her leg. With heavy hearts, we witnessed Gauri emerge from the operating room, her face seemingly confused due to her physical setback.

As we look into Gauri’s eyes now, we see trust and forgiveness. It’s not easy to manage without one leg, all of a sudden. But for healing her completely, her leg had to be amputated and somewhere, Gauri was beginning to understand the reason.

Gauri can’t balance on her three legs. It is a challenge to make her get used to it and our experts and dedicated staff have accepted the challenge. Every day, our team member train her positively to get accustomed. Sometimes Gauri falls; sometimes she doesn’t move from her place. But the trainer does not give up. We have taken Gauri as our new family member. Family doesn’t give up on each other. Hence, teaching Gauri how to walk is the most natural and mandatory thing to do.

Gauri is our baby. You can see the hint of mischief and liveliness in those eyes. It was fate that Gauri and DHF found each other at the right time. If Gauri would have gone unnoticed for more weeks or months, her condition would have turned terrible. Maggots would have infested her wounds. The joy, the life and the hope in her eyes would have never returned.

Saving an animal doesn’t require much. If you can’t rehabilitate them or provide them shelter then contact us, instead of ignoring them like hundreds of other people. We provide ambulance and appropriate medical facilities. Your alertness and empathy can save a life.

Gauri lives in our shelter now. She has found her forever home amongst hundreds of other camels and cows who have suffered something equally terrible.

Let’s remind ourselves to be humans again. Let’s vow to be their voice, their protectors, and their advocates. Let’s promise to fight against the cruelty they face, and to raise awareness and compassion in the hearts of mankind. In the end, it is our hope that Gauri's story will serve as a catalyst for change.

Let us not turn a blind eye, but instead extend a helping hand to those in need.