In the tranquil, idyllic countryside of Jodhpur, an extraordinary rescue mission unfolded, illuminating the path from despair to hope. Allow us to introduce you to Rosie, a courageous and unyielding camel whose life took an unexpected turn when she became the victim of a tragic road accident. Rosie's journey from the brink of despair to a life filled with joy and healing is nothing short of remarkable.

Rosie had been roaming near a bustling highway when tragedy struck. Her delicate legs were no match for the speeding vehicles that raced past her. In an agonizing instant, her hind leg was fractured, leaving her vulnerable and in agonizing pain.

The call for help reached the compassionate team at the Dog Home Foundation. Determined to give Rosie a second chance at life, we sprang into action.

The rescue operation was a testament to their dedication, empathy, and unwavering resolve. The team arrived at the accident scene armed with the essential equipment, including a custom-made stretcher designed to ensure Rosie's comfort and safety during transport. With great care and gentleness, they secured her onto the stretcher, preparing her for the journey to the NGO's cutting-edge medical facility.


Upon arriving at the NGO, Rosie underwent a thorough examination by the NGO's resident veterinarians. X-rays confirmed the gravity of her injury—a compound fracture that necessitated immediate surgical intervention.

The surgical procedure was intricate and demanding, requiring unwavering precision. Rosie was anesthetized, and the team worked tirelessly to mend her broken leg. Regrettably, despite their utmost efforts, the extent of the damage proved insurmountable, and they made the heartrending decision to amputate her leg.

A comprehensive regimen of physical therapy and rehabilitation was implemented to help her adapt to her new circumstances. In time, Rosie not only adjusted to her new life but blossomed. She rapidly became an adored member of the NGO’s extended family, forming profound connections with her human caretakers and her fellow animal companions. Her journey from adversity to triumph has served as an inspiration for visitors and volunteers, a poignant reminder of the incredible strength inherent in every living being.

Today, Rosie's days are filled with sunshine, pastures, and the warm companionship of those who cherish and look after her. Her tale stands as a powerful testament to the enduring presence of hope, love, and determination in the face of adversity. Rosie has found her forever home at Dog Home Foundation, where she will continue to enjoy a life brimming with affection, compassion, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.