Vipin's heart sank as he saw his parents still fast asleep on the cold pavement that they called their home. But what’s so unusual here, you may ask? 

When he attempted to wake them up, they wouldn't move at all. Fear started to grip him, for the shop in front of which they were sleeping was about to open, and if the shopkeeper saw them, he'd likely chase them away with a stick. Vipin desperately tried to wake his parents, but their sleep was deep.

As he struggled to wake them, another beggar, whom Vipin knew as Ravi, approached. Ravi, with a sense of relief, said, "Vipin, you're lucky! Just a little while ago, a car ran over your parents, and they are no more." Vipin's world came crashing down with this revelation.

With tears in his eyes and his heart heavy, Vipin couldn't bear the pain and anguish of losing his parents. He became unhinged, driven to the brink of insanity by the thought that his parents were gone forever. In his despair, he found himself chasing after every passing vehicle.

Now, let's pause for a moment and imagine a different scenario. What if Vipin wasn't a human but a stray dog?

Just like Vipin, stray dogs often face tragic losses and difficult circumstances. They may have lost their families, been abandoned, or have never known the warmth of a loving home. In their relentless pursuit of vehicles, perhaps they are chasing a memory no short of a nightmare or a glimmer of hope. Just as Vipin lost his parents and couldn't cope with the pain, stray dogs might be chasing vehicles, desperately seeking something that was taken away from them.

The heartbreaking story of Vipin serves as a reminder that there are countless stray dogs out there, each with their unique tales of hardship. So the next time you see a stray dog chasing after a passing car, perhaps you'll remember Vipin's story and consider the possibility that they, too, may have lost something dear to them.